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Electronic Fuel Injection System - Benefits and Tips

Electronic fuel injection is simply the application of fuel into an engine via an electronic fuel injection system, mostly automobile engines. It is a very effective method for increasing the performance and fuel efficiency of a vehicle. However it is an extremely complex and expensive process. This article looks at the installation of a system for fuel injection in a vehicle, as well as the benefits to having such a system.

The most important feature of the system is that it allows the user to control the amount of fuel that is fed into the engine at any given time. The fuel is injected into the engine by using a pressure gauge. This gauge is located somewhere in the engine of the vehicle. When the pressure in the gauge exceeds a predetermined level, the fuel is fed into the engine.

Some benefits of the electronic fuel injection system are as follows: The fuel is now delivered directly into the engine and does not have to pass through a filter. In a traditional system the fuel passes through a filter before it reaches the engine, which means that the vehicle runs out of fuel sooner than it should. Know more about cars at

This system also enables the engine to be switched on and off at will, as well as allowing it to be used in extreme temperatures. These factors have made it possible for car manufacturers to design the system so that it can be used on a wide range of vehicles. It was designed by NASA for use on space shuttles.

An electronic fuel injection system is also called fuel injection control module. This system is not the same as the one found in the pump based auto pumps; it is designed to be much more compact and easy to install. This system is also cheaper than traditional fuel injection systems. Be sure to read more now!

Auto pumps do not have filters and are much heavier than their computerised counterparts. They have to be fitted under the hood of the engine. The system that the pump has to use is the fuel pump, which is far too large to fit under the hood. Be sure to read more here!

The reason that the fuel pump cannot be fitted under the hood of the vehicle is that they need to be placed next to the throttle body. This places an unnecessary load on the fuel pump, which requires extra power to run it.

The electronic fuel injection system has no such problem, as it uses a fuel pump that uses fuel pressure sensors, which are placed under the hood of the vehicle. The sensors detect the amount of fuel that is pumped into the engine and switches the power to the fuel pump when it exceeds a predetermined level. The sensor unit then sends a signal to a control unit to inform the engine how much fuel is being fed into the engine. This system is far easier to install and does not have to worry about placing fuel pump under the hoods.

The benefits of this fuel injection system are that it is easier to install and far cheaper than the conventional system. You can get the system installed in less than 24 hours and is considerably easier to maintain than the pump system. You will also find that it is quicker to respond to changes in engine performance and run on all fuel types.

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